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Please call ahead to check availability.

Barkansas Dog Wash:

Make giving your dog a bath fun for him and easy on your back.  Our ergonomically designed bath station is equipped with professional grooming equipment to ensure both safety and comfort for you and your pet.  We offer high-quality grooming products in a large, private room where you have access to everything you need to keep your pup clean, healthy and happy.

Barkansas Pedi: 


  • Nail Trim pricing varies between $14 to $17. 


  • Nail Clipping: $14

  • Cat nail trim with covers: $18

Barkansas Beautifying Services

Beautifying Services:  We also offer nail clipping. Our staff will be happy to trim your fur-baby nails but will need an appointment.  Please call the store during store hours to book a time at 501-318-1800.


The Purchase Of A Pet Wash Includes:

  • Separate room, with a privacy curtain and gate 

  • Elevated Wash Tubs with leash security 

  • Grooming Tables

  • Specialty Shampoos

  • Use of Brushes, Combs, & Towels

  • Apron

  • Professional Dryers

  • We only allow one customer in the bathing station at a time.

  • Our staff clean and disinfect the bath station after every use so you can be assured it is has been sanitized and even better, there’s no mess to worry about when you are finished.  


  • Prices vary by weight and duration. Each bath is allotted one hour. There will be an upcharge for each additional half-hour.

  • 1-20lbs: $15.00 ($5 upcharge for additional half-hour)

  • 21lb-40lbs: $18.00 ($5 upcharge for additional half-hour)

  • 41-75lbs: $21.00 ($7 upcharge for additional half-hour)

  • 75lbs and up: $25.00 ($7 upcharge for additional half-hour)

  • Our staff will be happy to bath your dog if desired.  Pricing varies depending on weight.

Bath Tips:

Don’t spend excessive time on your pet's head and avoid getting water in their eyes and ears. You can use a small towel to wash their head and face. Keep the water temperature luke-warm and towel dry them vigorously before blow drying them. Use a cotton ball to apply ear wash to pet's ear. 



  1. Keep dog on leash in store and to bathing station

  2. Put dog in tub and secure to safety leash

  3. Thoroughly rinse dog with water

  4. Shampoo and lather dog for at least 5 min

  5. Rinse thoroughly

  6. Towel dry

  7. Groom

  8. Blow dry if desired


Bathing your dog often is recommended by veterinarians for a variety of reasons. Bath time is bonding time with your dog.  Mainly, your dog is getting a massage while you bathe them, and the result is they feel good and smell great after a nice, good soap and lathering.  Bathing your dog is also an easy way to check for lumps or skin irritations you might not easily detect, especially in dogs with thick hair. Bathing your dog after being in freshwater ponds, rivers, lakes, etc. also ensures that any bacteria and/or other irritants are removed from their skin. 

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Gift Wrapping
We can provide you a gift wrapping service. Check in or call for more details.... 

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