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Sticky Paws XL Sheets

Sticky Paws XL Sheets

Size - XL



"Notice: Please keep all paws and claws away from the sides of the sofa." Until cats learn to read, pet parents will have a lot better luck using Sticky Paws XL Strips than a nicely-worded warning. Sticky Paws are a medical-grade adhesive strip with a texture cats just don't like to touch. The XL strips are perfect for covering large areas like furniture and rugs.


Key Benefits

  • Transparent adhesive training aids that can be used virtually anywhere without leaving sticky residue
  • Ideal for any large area that has become the focus of your cat's unwanted attention, discourages cats from clawing and pawing
  • Over-sized adhesive sheets are easy to apply and remove from areas like sofa backs, rugs and carpets
  • Extra Large Sheets are especially effective to help deter inappropriate elimination on carpet area
  • Five 9" x 12" strips per pack
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