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Primal Turkey Frozen Bone Broth

Primal Turkey Frozen Bone Broth

Sizes - 20ozs



Bone Broth is a wholesome addition to any feeding regimen. When served on its own, added to commercial pet food, or along with any complete, balanced Primal Formula, Bone Broth adds necessary moisture and beneficial nutrients into your pet’s diet. With key benefits including digestion and liver support, hydration and moisture, joint health, and more, supplementing with Bone Broth is an easy way to keep your pet hydrated and healthy. Primal Bone Broth is appropriate for dogs and cats at all stages of life.


  • Gelatin derived from turkey bones helps protect the intestinal tract and supports joint health.
  • Natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen to help protect your dog’s hips and joints.
  • Organic veggies are full of antioxidants that boost your dog’s immunity.
  • Apple cider vinegar is used to aid in the release of the nutrients in bones and has antimicrobial properties to help fight infection.
  • For supplemental feeding only, use as a dog food topper, in treat recipes, or give as a between-meal snack.
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