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Primal Butcher's Blend Pork Topper

Primal Butcher's Blend Pork Topper

Sizes - 2lbs



It's time to bring dinner back to the basics- naturally nutritious, yet satisfying those primal urges. With Butcher's Blend Raw Toppers, it's never been easier to add high-quality raw meat to your pet's diet. This pork recipe includes: fresh pork for superior levels of amino and essential fatty acids and finely ground, fresh pork bones for a natural source of calcium.


This supplemental feeding solution goes great with kibble or canned food, is moisture-rich and wholesomely nourishing for both dogs and cats. Butcher's Blend Raw Toppers are made from 100% animal protein, organ and bone. Made in the USA from ethically sourced ingredients. No added hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or synthetic vitamins or supplements. Net wt. 2 lbs. *This item is only available for in-store pickup at this time

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