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Kong Laser Teaser Ribbons Cat Toy

Kong Laser Teaser Ribbons Cat Toy

Sizes - 1 size



KONG Laser Teaser Ribbons Cat Toy; The KONG Laser Teaser Ribbons Cat Toy combines everything cats love about lasers and ribbons into one purr-fect toy. The laser light catches your wild kitty’s attention so she hones in on her target, and the ribbon teaser encourages her to bat and pounce for an action-packed playtime. While your cat may never manage to actually capture the infamous red laser dot, this toy features a ribbon ball so that your kitty enjoys the satisfaction of a successful hunt. The wand includes an on/off button for long-lasting fun, and batteries are included so you can immediately start enjoying playtime with your furry friend.


  • Interactive laser satisfies stalking instincts
  • Ribbon ball and rope for bat & pounce playtime
  • Convenient on/off button for long-lasting fun
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