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FirstMate Chicken & Rice Formula Cage-Free Canned Food

FirstMate Chicken & Rice Formula Cage-Free Canned Food

Sizes - 12.2.ozs



Be purr-pared for a clean bowl and happy kitty when you feed her FirstMate’s Chicken & Rice Formula Cage-Free Canned Cat Food. Serve this canned food on its own or mix it in with her dry food to delight her taste buds. However she enjoys it, the cage-free chicken sourced from British Columbia and rice paw-vide the nutrition she needs to be healthy and happy. This grain friendly formula is low on the glycemic index and free from peas, potatoes and other grain fillers so she’s getting energy from all the right sources.


Key Benefits

  • A delicious, balanced meal of chicken and rice.
  • 2 ways for your kitty to enjoy—serve on its own or mixed in with dry food.
  • Made with cage-free chicken from British Columbia—boneless and food-grade without any added hormones.
  • Low glycemic, grain friendly formula is free from peas, potatoes, and other filler grains.
  • Made without gum or other artificial thickeners.
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