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Coastal Safari Soft Tip Massager Cat Brush

Coastal Safari Soft Tip Massager Cat Brush

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Safari Rubber Curry Brushes are the ideal grooming aids for all smooth coated cats. These molded rubber curry brushes remove dust and loose hair while giving a lustrous sheen to your cat's coat. They will give a soothing massage, while aiding circulation and stimulating the production of natural oils that promote a healthy coat. Cats with short coats dont need a long-bristled brush, but a softer one that massages the skin as well as brushing the hair. One of the chief benefits of grooming is that it distributes oils from the skin to coat each hair shaft, keeping it supple and providing mild waterproofing for the cats coat. Using this type of brush will add a nice sheen to your cats coat.


Curry brushes should be stroked in the direction of the hair growth first. Then use lighter pressure and brush against the hair grain. Follow up by massaging in circles with the brush, then smoothing the coat by finishing with a final brush through to put it back in place. Your cat should enjoy the experience, and youll be removing a lot of loose hairs that would otherwise end up in your carpet and upholstery!

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