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Coastal Pet Safari Comb

Coastal Pet Safari Comb

Sizes - M-L, S



Our Safari Dog Comb is available in your choice of medium/coarse coat or medium/fine coat versions. The wide and narrow spacing of teeth on the medium/coarse coat dog comb provides complete grooming and the teeth are extra long to penetrate to the root of the hair. The fine/medium coat dog comb makes an excellent finishing comb. The smooth rounded teach prevent coat damage and are gentle to the dog's skin. Begin combing with wider spaced teeth, then proceed to closer spaced teeth. Comb small sections at a time, always combing in the direction of hair growth.


  • Use combs for controlling shedding or finishing grooming.
  • Combing is great for finer haircoats and pets with flea problems.
  • Combs provide extra attention your pet and his coat are sure to love.
  • Shedding Combs are for getting loose hair out of your pet's haircoat. Choose one depending on the length of your pet's haircoat.
  • Medium/Coarse Comb is for breeds with medium-length hair or a haircoat that may require a gentle touch.
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