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Coastal Pet Professional Silent Whistle For Dog Training

Coastal Pet Professional Silent Whistle For Dog Training

Sizes - 1 size



Our Coastal Brand Silent Dog Whistle is "The Train Right!" - Deluxe Silent Whistle for Dogs. It has a Split Ring for easy attachment and features an adjustable tone that carries a long distance. This silent whistle is inaudible to people, but your dog will hear it and respond. Precision engineered to produce a range of frequencies. Although, at this level, the whistle is insignificant to human hearing, a dog whose ears are far more sensitive to high frequencies.



Precision Made Professional Quality Adjustable Pitch Audible to your dog up to 500 feet away. Great for training, or use in hunting. Train your puppy/dog in a more efficient way to come to you, stop barking, etc.


Silent Dog Training Whistle Dog whistles can be used for virtually any command. The main benefit is to communicate commands for your dog when they are at some distance away from you such as when hunting. Dogs can hear sounds that are inaudible to the human ear. The higher sound frequency produced by this whistle will enable you to train your dog to obey your commands. Please note that this whistle is not completely silent to the trainer. It is very important to use the same pitch and frequency each time so your dog will learn to recognize your call.

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