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Coastal Black Soft Basket Muzzle Sizes 2 - 6

Coastal Black Soft Basket Muzzle Sizes 2 - 6

Sizes -2, 3, 4, 5, 6



This soft silicone basket muzzle can be used to prevent bites or to keep your dog from chewing or eating foreign, potentially dangerous objects. It’s suitable for use with a reactive dog on walks, or to prevent biting during a stressful procedure, like a nail trim.


  • Flexible basket muzzle prevents biting and helps inhibit chewing and scavenging behavior.
  • Allows your dog to accept treats offered through the basket to help your dog develop positive associations with their muzzle.
  • When properly fitted, allows your dog to pant and drink water.
  • Soft, padded neoprene straps for comfort.
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit.
  • Comes in six sizes to fit most dogs from Pomeranian to Great Dane. May not be suitable for brachycephalic (flat-nosed) breeds like the Pug and French Bulldog. Size 5: Suitable for dogs such as Retrievers and Dobermans.
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