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Barkworthies Natural Cow Ear Dog Chews

Barkworthies Natural Cow Ear Dog Chews

Sizes - 1 size



Our best bud will count down to fun when you reach for his bag of Barkworthies Natural Cow Ear Dog Chews. Unlike conventional cow ears that are thicker and have their drool-worthy flavor washed away, the Barkworthies Natural Cow Ear Dog Chews, contains thinner-than-usual cow ears that are unwashed to preserve that irresistible beef flavor your pup will go head-over-tail for. The natural processing preserves the hair as well as the original brownish and yellow color of the cow ears. Since they contain no flavoring or smoking agents, they're a paw-fect alternative to rawhide chews.


Key Benefits

  • It's a howl-worthy all-natural chew that uses genuine cow ears.
  • Helps promote cleaner teeth and good dental health.
  • Made using only one ingredient—genuine cow ears.
  • Paw-fect for pups of any size.
  • It’s a paw-some alternative to rawhide chews.
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