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Advantage Flea Control for Dogs and Puppies

Advantage Flea Control for Dogs and Puppies

Sizes - Under 10lbs (4ct), 11lbs - 20lbs (6ct), 21lbs - 55lbs (6ct)



This 4 month flea control spot treatment is a fast and long lasting way to kill and control fleas. The powerful formula kills fleas in all life stages within 12 hours of application, then continues to protect your pet for up to 4 months. Available in multiple formulas, it is safe for dogs and cats as small as 8 weeks, yet effective enough for even very large dogs. Kills fleas in all life stages. Long lasting waterproof formula. Get some for your pet today.


  • Stops fleas from biting within three to five minutes.
  • Starts killing fleas within an hour.
  • 98-100% are killed within 12 hours.
  • Applied monthly.
  • Advantage is applied between the shoulder blades on dogs.
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